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Aerial Photography with CityDrone

We are proud to offer quality drone services throughout the Houston metropolitan area. 

With cutting edge technology in aerial imagery, we capture and deliver high-quality images tailored to your needs.


We’re proud to work with businesses both large and small. Our services are ideal for real estate, construction, insurance, and more.


We practice the utmost safety and best practices. CityDrone is FAA Approved and fully insured. 

Our Mission

To meet your shifting needs for aerial photography with ease. If you’re busier than usual, no problem! We’ll scale our solutions to meet your needs. 

Before the invention of today’s lightweight drones, aerial photography was expensive and time-consuming. Now, you can get amazing-quality drone imagery for a small fraction of the cost and time! Based in Katy, TX, CityDrone is proud to offer quality drone services throughout the Houston metropolitan area.


Aerial images offer a unique view that you simply cannot get from the ground. Drones make it possible to take detailed photos and videos of rooftops, construction sites, difficult terrain, and other areas that are difficult to reach from the ground. Drones can go just about anywhere, while the pilot can control its every move from the safety of the ground. 

At CityDrone, our pilots are experienced, FAA licensed and insured. You won’t have to worry about a thing when working with CityDrone pilots to photograph your property or construction site. Partnering with our pilots can help you expand your services or make your day-to-day operations safer and more efficient. 

Aerial imaging services are invaluable to many businesses in the real estate, architecture, construction, engineering, and insurance industries. Get professional drone services today – contact CityDrone to learn more or to book your drone flight. We’re happy to meet all your aerial imagery needs!


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Our Founder

Sam Fahmy is the Founder and CEO of CityDrone and holds a Bachelor's degree in Business. He became a drone enthusiast and turned his passion into a solution to help businesses accomplish hard tasks easily and efficiently. 
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Our Location

Headquartered in sunny Houston, Texas, CityDrone is home to team members who are passionate about drones, solving challenging problems.
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