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Real Estate Drone & Videography Services

Give your property a new prospective With High Res Aerial Images 

Residential Real Estate

selling or renting out Houston real estate? Buyers and tenants will appreciate seeing your property from the air via high-quality drone footage. Whether it’s a sweeping 360-degree panorama, a set of images, or a video tour, people will appreciate seeing the property in its full context. Aerial images are great at showing a building’s proximity to nearby landmarks and roads. We’ll work with you to provide quality images that work within your budget and your timeframe

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Showcase your home from the sky at the fraction of the cost and time.
Resedential Pricing

Residential Real Estate Pricing

All our drone aerial photography packages include up to one hour of flight time on site. The flight will occur as soon as possible, dependent on the weather and your preference for faster turnaround time or clear skies. Imagery hosting is included in all packages at no extra charge.

  • 32 High Res House Photos

    149 US dollars
  • 8 High Resolution Aerial Images

    149 US dollars
  • 60 Second Branded Aerial Video

    249 US dollars

Interested in a Premium Video Presentation?

We offer highly-custom commercial real estate videography via our professional in-house production team. Add a voiceover, 3D graphics, highway callouts, and more to your video to make your listing really stand out.

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"I love CityDrone photography!! they are SUPER talented, their prices are amazing considering how impressive their work is. their pictures sell houses. Period. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CityDrone! "

- Robin DeCosta -


Who is flying the drone?

Certified drone pilots who are trained and experienced to fly for commercial real estate. All pilots are vetted and tested for professionalism and quality. We are permitted to fly for commercial use and insured at every job site.

What is included in my order?

Depending on the package you order, we provide high-resolution aerial images, HD video clips, and edited marketing videos of your commercial property. All drone aerial photography is yours to own and use as you like.

How long to schedule an order?

Once your order is received, we will visit and fly your site within a few days (subject to weather). Allow two additional business days for aerial marketing packages, and three to five for edited marketing videos. Placing an order only takes minutes.

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